The Scheryn Collection Arena, situated to the right of the main atrium on the ground floor of Zeitz MoCAA, will be hosting a series of talks and engagements from 9 December to 20 December 2018 as part of Zeitz MoCAA’s bumper December programming. Each talk is presented by the MoCAA Assistant Curators who have bought together a wide variety of contributors who will consider a diverse range of topics.

The Scheryn Collection Arena is home to the Centre for Performative Practise, a dedicated exhibition space devoted to performance art. This dedicated area was made possible by the support of Herman Steyn and Dabing Chen, founders of the Scheryn Art Collection.

During the opening of Zeitz MoCAA, Herman noted that “public institutions like MOCAA are crucial in generating interest in the local art scene while also providing access to resources and a valuable education to international and local audiences. These institutions are a vital cog in the infrastructure of the South African arts community.” Both Herman and Dabing believe that it is essential to keep art from Africa and its diaspora on the continent. Allowing African citizens access to works by artists such as El Anatsui, Wangechi Mutu and Yinka Shonibare will have a long lasting impact on the local arts community.

“The local arts communities throughout Africa have a lot to offer so it is just about finding the right platform to maximise this and create a robust community of art practioners, admirers and collectors both locally and abroad” stated Dabing Chen when commenting about Scheryn’s support of both Zeitz MoCAA and the SA Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale during 2017.

Scheryn is delighted to be involved in supporting Zeitz MoCAA and looks forward to the prolonged success of the museum.