The Scheryn Art Collection is excited to have Al-Muhyee (“The Giver of Life”), 2020 by Igshaan Adams exhibited in Igshaan Adams: Desire Lines at The Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition is curated by Hendrik Folkerts and runs from April 2 to August 1, 2022.

At the heart of Igshaan Adams’s expansive weaving practice lies a question: “How would you treat someone differently if you knew everything about them? Or nothing?”

In his tapestries and textile installations, Adams engages with the gaps—the information that is seemingly absent, overlooked or rendered invisible in the spaces we inhabit individually and collectively. Through the beads, shells, glass, rope, wire, and found objects he uses to compose his weavings, Adams highlights the material aspects of lived spaces along with the personal stories held within them.

Scheryn is grateful to The Art Institute of Chicago for the opportunity to continue to share the collection. We openly welcome any loan requests for artworks in the collection. It is our aim that the collection becomes available to the public in a way that allows educational opportunities and engages new audiences.