November 2019

The Scheryn Art Collection is proud to put on its first public exhibition as part of the Norval Foundations Collector’s Focus series. Mapping Worlds: Selected Works from the Scheryn Art Collection is curated by Norval Foundation Chief Curator, Owen Martin. The exhibition investigates how artists in the Scheryn Collection translate the material world or abstract conceptions of space into two-dimensional images or three-dimensional form. The exhibition will run from 2 November 2019 to 27 January 2020 in Gallery 9 at the Norval Foundation.

Scheryn is incredibly happy put on our first exhibition as we take the responsibility of regularly displaying elements of the collection seriously. We look forward to continuing to prioritise alternative conduits for investigating, contextualising and exhibiting the collection.

For more about the exhibition including which artists are included follow this link to the Norval Foundation website.

To see installation images, click below