Meeting the Team

Piet Viljoen has over 25 years of investment industry experience. He started out as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria, and then joined the Reserve Bank as an economic analyst. He became a portfolio manager at Allan Gray Investment Counsel in 1991 and in 1995 he moved to Investec Asset Management. Piet founded RECM in 2003 and is their current Chairman.
Piet founded the New Church Museum in 2012. Piet Viljoen founded the museum as he is fascinated by art’s ability to facilitate the examination of society’s values and norms, and believes that this has tremendous social benefit. The Museum consisted of more than 500 pieces. At the time that Piet was closing the physical space of the New Church Museum he was looking for collaborations that embraced alternative conduits for investigating, contextualising and exhibiting his collection with the aim of reaching diverse viewing audiences in an ongoing and multi-pronged fashion. After discussions it was agreed that the Scheryn Art Collection could provide this platform.
Featured Image: Debt Trap, 2010 © Gugulective. Courtesy of Brundyn Gallery, Cape Town