Scheryn Services


As a result of the way in which Scheryn is structured, we have the ability to outsource our collection management services to new and established collectors. Through numerous years of involvement in the art market, Scheryn has built up a network and level of expertise which it is able to offer collectors to ensure administrative efficiency and peace of mind. To do this we have built a service offering around the key areas of research, reporting and analysis, art valuation and audit, estate planning and collection management.

We are cognisant that collectors have differing motivations for collecting and receive varied benefits and from collecting. As such, we have developed a selection of services that are tailored to respect theses motivations, maximise the benefits and provide collectors with peace of mind. These services are centred around the desire to ensure that collectors can build their collection, preserve that collection and finally transfer that collection to the next generation.

The selection of services includes:

  1. Collection Management:
    – Market research, information and reporting
    – Art audit and valuation
    – Support for purchases and sales
    – Collection management
    – Maintenance and logistics
    – Facilitating loans to museums
  2. Art Entertainment and Education
    – Meeting museum directors, gallery owners, prominent curators, artists and fellow collectors
    – Organising private views at museums and galleries
    – VIP access to both local and international art fairs
    – Exclusive access to museums, private collections and foundations
    – Seminars and conferences on art and the art market
    – Tours and talks at museums and galleries
  3. Wealth Management
  4. Estate Planning
    – Estate planning and estate tax
    – Philanthropy and charitable donation
    – Estate liquidation

If these services are of interest or you would like more information about our offering, please get in contact with:

Brett Scott
079 936 6393