Archiving Addis Ababa

August 2018, Marthe Van der Wolf spoke to the Vintage Addis Ababa collective, consisting of Philipp Schütz, Wongel Abebe and Nafkot Gebeyehu, about their aim is to preserve fragile historical resources by telling the stories of everyday people from Addis Ababa’s history.

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Institutional Memory: One Woman’s Path to Bringing the World to Africa—and Africa to the World

8 August 2018, Nana Oforiatta Ayim writes about ANO, a self-described “Institute of Arts & Knowledge” in Accra, Ghana, that since 2002 has presented exhibitions and educational programs in the city and organized roaming initiatives, including the Mobile Museum Project and The Cultural Encyclopaedia, a collective archive initiative devoted to past and present culture from around the African continent.

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